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Trouble Sleeping?

Multi-Force PM is an all natural multi-vitamin for sleep, designed to help you fall asleep fast and wake up refreshed! 

All Natural 

Safe & Drug-Free 

Non-Habit Forming 

Wake Up Rejuvenated 

Ingredient Highlights 


Multi-Force PM contains 15 natural nutrients to help the body naturally promote sound and refreshing sleep. 

L-Glycine: Improves nextday sleepiness and fatigue (250mg) 

L-Glutamine: When glutamine levels decrease, so does your strength, stamina, and recovery (200mg) 

L-Theanine: Has a calming and soothing effect on the body (100mg) 

L-Tryptophan: Promotes relaxation and restful sleep patterns (100mg) 

5HTP: Increases duration of REM sleep (100mg) 

Melatonin: Naturally produced hormone that signals the body that it’s time for sleep (3mg)

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